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"The My Voice Baby Lullaby app is ridiculously simple to use but utterly brilliant..."
-- Cool Mom Tech

"I've been trying to retrain 'Zilla on his sleep habits lately and was thankful for this app that came across my desk the other day. It will... hopefully put your little one into a deep, wondrous slumber..."
-- Mom Inc Daily

Every parent knows that the best noise for soothing their baby is their own voice. With My Voice Baby Lullaby, you can record yourself singing a lullaby or a custom shushing sound that will repeat over and over for your baby to hear. No more sneaking out of the room and hoping they won't miss the sound of your voice. You can just record, set and leave!

Features include the ability to record up to 4 separate lullabies. Also, My Voice Baby Lullaby checks the sound in the room every few minutes and will adjust the volume of the lullaby to gently wean your child to sleep.

Record your lullaby using the 'rec sounds' option.
Play back your recording. Once you are happy with it press save. You can select it from the library.
Choose your desired sound from the Play Library. You can set the sound or revert to the original. Press play to begin your lullaby.
Set your phone down near by while the app checks periodically for room noise and gradually lowers.